Full Time MBA in the heart of Paris

ฝรั่งเศสตอกย้ำความเป็นผู้นำหลักสูตร MBA ของยุโรป โดยมี 6 สถาบันจากประเทศฝรั่งเศส ที่มีหลักสูตร MBA ติดชาร์ท Best European Business School by FT Ranking 2016 ซึ่งมีสถาบันชั้นนำจากประเทศฝรั่งเศสดังนี้ INSEAD, HEC Paris, EDHEC, EM Grenoble, EM Lyon และ NEOMA Business School 

>> http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/european-business-school-rankings-2016 

หลักสูตร Full Time MBA ของ NEOMA Business School มีแคมปัสอยู่ที่ใจกลางกรุงปารีสหรือตรงย่าน Opéra นั่นเอง หลักสูตรมุ่งเน้นที่วิสัยทัศน์ความเป็นผู้บริหารในแบบ 360 องศา 


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Created 40 years ago, the NEOMA Business School MBA Full Time programme challenges participants to develop a unique leadership perspective through integrated, holistic, and practical courses.

Become a more effective leader and manager through the development of business skills, knowledge, as well as entrepreneurial competencies and interpersonal skills. Perceive change as an opportunity and deliver leadership, innovation and excellence in local, regional and global arenas.

Our one-year programme will allow you to advance your development rapidly, and provide opportunities for reflection on behavioural, relational and decision-making capabilities.



5 specially-themed phases to acquire a 360° vision

Courses are designed to improve your skills - culturally, professionally and personally. Organised over 5 specially-themed phases, the curriculum will provide you with the means to acquire 360° vision of a business :

  • Phase 1 : Discover and Evaluate
Sharpen your analytical and interpersonal skills through diagnosis and analysis of actual business situations. This phase includes an induction seminar in the French Alps (Morzine).
  • Phase 2 : Validate and optimise
Focus your attention on the development of activities to optimise performance.
  • Phase 3 : Develop and globalise
This phase emphasises strategic decision- making for organisational growth, international expansion and agility.
  • Phase 4 : Improve value and ensure sustainability
Build your leadership capacity to create and sustain long-term organisational value
  • Phase 5 : Specialisation
Tailor your programme through a choice of electives combining cutting-edge research and relevant real-life application so as to broaden and/or deepen your knowledge and enhance your CV in line with your career aspirations.

The strengths of our MBA

A strong focus on your personal profile

Our MBA is 100% centered on your competencies. You tailor your programme through a choice of 14 electives (Luxury, Asian Business Environment, Entrepreneurship, negotiation, etc.)

This approach will enable you to broaden and deepen your knowledge in particular business domains or across particular theme

A programme to enhance your leadership potential

The 5 phases of the programme are designed to address the attitude and self-awareness that are mandatory for a manager’s success.

You start your MBA experience with an integration seminar located off-campus in the Alps. Through a mixture of sports and personal development activities, you build links with other students and develop a team spirit.

This innovative approach culminates with a special 3-day seminar at the prestigious French Military Academy of Saint-Cyr-Coëtquidian. Your adaptability, emotional stability, decision-making and ability to act in uncertain context are at the heart of this experience.

These experiences are complemented by the work of our Talent & Career Development Unit, offering you individual and professional guidance during the whole programme (methodology workshops, personal coaching, interview simulations, etc.).

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